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Monday, 16 September 2019

What Does DSL Mean On FaceBook

The popularity of online social networks has increased a lot and the attraction of FaceBook has attracted almost everyone. The craziness has increased so much that people are using more than once the account. It has become the language of love, business, and friendship and for anything in this world. In order to use FaceBook, visitors have to make their accounts and then after verification play with all the features of FaceBook.
People often use slang words for chatting purposes. Now people are exchanging SMS short messaging services messages and emails in slang languages. Online Social networks are not the exception. People are now using slang language like DSL for a variety of meanings on FaceBook, Twitter and others. This is why we are covering the topic of what does DSL means on FaceBook.

What Does DSL Mean on Facebook?

We will cover the topic of what does DSL means on FaceBook in the rest of the topic. DSL is used for so many purposes on FaceBook, most common uses are:

Digital Subscriber Line – DSL is also used on FaceBook for Digital Subscriber Line. The meaning of DSL under this perspective is the technology that uses the internet to transmit data to and from using a local telephone network. ADSL is quite a popular form of DSL in this context.

Dick Sucking Lip – It is used in the adult discussion. Most Angelina Jolie is discussed with this word. This is a not good slang word and should not be used like this way. We should develop slang words for health actions, activities and moral purposes.

Damn sexy lady – Often males use this DSL dawn sexy lady to discuss the beauty of girls and women. Though it is used in immoral languages and is used in a discussion involving vulgarity. Most of the people on FaceBook are sharing dirty and sexy photos and videos, which are against the terms and services of FaceBook. FB has taken this matter seriously and deleting and banning accounts involving in unethical immoral activities. I have seen boys opening their account with a girl name with little or no dress photo. This is not a right and beneficial use of online social networks. Also, people write DSL damn sexy lady and other types of slang words with the picture in order to attract like mind people over FaceBook.  By now, you are getting my point what does DSL mean on FaceBook.

Digital Socket layer – It is also called secure socket layers SSL and it is the technology to secure your eCommerce website. When the user logins to the eCommerce website, the digital socket layer gets activated and a unique browser key is generated. Then messages are encrypted and sent to the server. Every effort is made to ensure that this data transmits in the scrambled form so that no one can steal data during transmission. In the past, security was a big hit to various online stores and online internet banking. But now things have changed, banks and online stores have made their systems more powerful and secured, that no one can intrude.

In the above lines, we discussed the very important topic of what does DSL means on FaceBook. We are hopeful that you will like it.