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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Pleuritic Chest Pain

The chest is the upper part of the human body just below the neck. Men have a small chest than women due to the fact that women have glands that help them feed their babies in initial years from birth. But some disease is common to both men and women, Pleuritic Chest Pain is one of them. It is caused mainly by the inflammation of pleura which is caused by a viral infection and causes a severe Chest Pain.
Nature of Pleuritic Chest Pain

This type of chest pain causes a severe stabbing pain in the center of the chest. This is more painful if you are suffering from cough or breathing issues. In this case, the use of vaporub gives a cool relieving effect on your body and will ease your situation as well.

Symptoms of Pleuritic Chest Pain

Chest pain causes a lot of trouble and in case of Pleuritic; the common symptoms are as follows:

Pain during breathing – The patient experiences low to severe chest pain while breathing.

Pain with coughing – This becomes more and more painful, so every effort should be made to care for cough. You should avoid taking ice creams, chocolates and similar items to stop the situation from becoming worst.

Pain with fever – The patient will suffer from fever as well due to chest pain.

Pain with chest congestion

The rapid rate of breathing or rapid heartbeat – Your heart will be beating fast which may be 100 beats per minute for an adult. However, the normal heartbeat rate is 60 to 80 beats per minute. It is also called tachycardia.

Excessive sweating – It relates to the release of salt like fluid from the body and is a crucial process to keep your body cool. Most commonly is seen on the palms, feet and under the arms. This process is also called perspiration.

Nausea – It is related to uneasy and uncomfortable situations in the upper stomach and may lead to vomiting. There is no specific cause of Nausea; it could be due to dizziness, motion sickness, gastroenteritis (stomach infection), migraine, fainting or food poisoning.

Vomiting – The expulsion of the content from the mouth. It is also called emesis in medical terminology. The most common cause of vomiting is gastroenteritis, in which the virus affects the gastroenteritis tract. It is also called stomach flu. Although it is not a serious threat to your health and it stops in a very short time. But extra care is needed because dehydration may cause severe life-threatening issues.

How to Treat

Pleuritic pain is treatable and it depends upon the cause of chest pain. Usually, doctors prescribe medicines and antibiotic medicines to treat Pleuritic Chest Pain. It is highly recommended not to use medicines on your own. These medicines may have a sleeping effect on your health and could damage your other parts of the body. So, doctors are the best people to consult.

Pleuritic Chain Pain is a disease that is curable and requires proper care and treatment. Your doctor can guide you properly and we are hopeful that this article has given you some inside information regarding this pain.