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Monday, 16 September 2019

Blogger Job Portal Free Templates

On a daily basis, people all over the world use Job portals to search for relevant employment opportunities. These portals are helping a large number of people in growing their careers and improving their lifestyle. In every country, job portals are created and owned by companies like sharda web solutions & individuals.

As today's discussion is about Blogger, we will limit our discussion to the Blogger Job Portal Free Template. Blogger is a free blog service from Google. You can create a 100 % free blog with If you are getting success, you can move to a paid domain name in order to add professional and branding. Most of the blogger think that blogger is a very basic blogging service & you can only run a simple blog on this. However, there are plenty of blogger template available over the internet that can transform your blog into a stunning one.
As discussed above, people visit job portals on a daily basis. So, running a job portal blog can help you in getting a massive amount of traffic and income.

In order to turn your ordinary blog into a stunning one, you can use following blogger job portal free templates:

InJob - A wonderful blogger job portal template in white & blue color scheme. There is a navigation menu just below the logo that you can use to show links to your important pages. You can also insert the leaderboard ad just below the logo. InJob is a three column template with links, page and socializes widgets. There are places for inserting 300 x 250 size ads, email newsletters, popular tags & posts on the right-side column. The footer area is quite wide & can be used to show any other important information about your blogs & links.

Best Result - This is another great blogger template specifically made for job portals blog by Sora Templates. You can easily show your posts in a table that changes the entire look of the blog. Maroon, black & white color scheme adds beauty and attractiveness to the blog. You can easily show your posts in the table according to the field or category. Apart from this, Recent, recommended & popular posts on the main page make this one as the number 1 Blogger Job Portal Free Templates. The footer area is a black background with white color text. You can use this section to add links to various parts of your blog.

SEO Guru - WordPress is the world's most popular blogging platform. Due to its acceptability in millions of users, SEO Guru developers have designed a blogger template to give a similar look at WordPress. It is a fully responsive template & works best in all screen resolution. In order to improve your blog's SEO score, developers have put lots of effort to make it SEO friendly and user-friendly. It is a two-column template with three column footer. This gives ample space to put relevant & important content on the blog.


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