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Monday, 16 September 2019

Blogger Earn Money

To earn money is not an easy task. You have to put effort to find new ways for income generation. For two decades, earning money online has become one of the most favorite topics among IT professionals and many job portal bloggers are making there website from web design agency in mumbai. Blogging is one of the hot trending topics in the IT sector. Every day, thousands of blogs are created to serve the purpose of knowledge sharing. When you share some valuable content for the benefit of the people, you could earn a massive amount of traffic & income as well.

There are multiple ways of earning money from the blog. It all depends upon the blogger's own capabilities, relations in the industry & contents as well. Blogger earn money can be achieved through the following methods:
Adsense - This is the publishing program from Google & runs on the CPC (Cost Per Click) advertisement strategy. Once you create a blog with the help of gooyaabi templates, you can apply to Google Adsense. Your blog will be reviewed by the Adsense team & if it is as per their terms & policy, they will approve your blog. Upon approval, you have to log in to the Adsense panel. In the panel you will find Ad Code to put on your blog. There are multiple sizes ads available in the Adsense and you have the freedom to use as many ads code per page of your blog as you want. But keep in mind that ads should not exceed the contents of your blog. Doing so will result in losing visitor's interest in your blog and in the long run, you will start to lose quality traffic. Please do not try to fool Adsense by making clicks on your own or requesting someone to click on the ads. If you do so, your Adsense account will be banned completely. This program is perfect for whole world traffic & blog publishers are paid once the payment reaches to 100 $.

Yahoo Bing Publisher Network is another advertising network good for your blog. Like Adsense, it offers multiple ad sizes to place on your blog. It also works on CPC (Cost Per Click) methodology and is very popular among US & Canada bloggers. is the major partner with this network & it has invested heavily in using funds, human resources & experience to make the venture successful.

Direct Advertisement - If you have relations in the blogging industry and have direct links with marketing staff in the companies on which your blog closely matches, then you can get direct advertisements from those companies. You will get a high rate of your advertising inventory. This is not an easy task to get direct ads but if you have authority in the niche, you can do wonders with this method. Direct ad eliminates the commission of the middle party as in the case of Adsense & Yahoo
Bing Network. Both of these networks take around 30 % to 35 % in the form of commission and pay the balance amount/net amount to the blog owner.